Energy and Natural Resources

Energy and Natural Resources

We have actively participated in the development of the Energy and Natural Resources industry for more than 50 years providing legal advice to clients in the oil, gas, electric power and mining industries.

Our Energy and Natural Resources department is formed by a multidisciplinary team of lawyers that combine a deep knowledge of the industry with a legal advice of the highest level in regulatory, environmental, tax, financial and contractual matters. This allows us to provide not only strategic advice but also creative and sophisticated solutions.

We advice our clients during the whole life span of the project, including its structuring, the obtainment of permits, licenses and financing, the construction, operation and maintenance and eventual transfer of the assets involved.

We advice companies of the industry, investors, sponsors, banks, multilateral entities, international credit agencies and other financial institutions, governments, public utility companies, service providers and contractors in every type of transaction related to the Energy and Natural Resources industry.


The mining companies and of services providers in Argentina are subject to complex legal, political and social regulations. These companies must comply with existing federal laws but also with mining regulations of equal or greater importance that are in force in the provinces and municipalities where their mining projects are located or where they provide mining services. The mining regulations at a provincial and municipal level vary significantly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The same applies to the mining policies developed by provincial and municipal authorities in their own jurisdictions and with the demands of the communities of the zone of influence of mining projects.

Our group of mining lawyers has a broad experience and knowledge of the mining industry, as well as of the legal, political and social regulations in each mining jurisdiction of Argentina. We excel in providing top legal advice, always focusing on the particularities of the jurisdiction where the respective mining project is based, not only at a legal and political level but also at a social level.


The argentine electrical sector is one of the most relevant electric power markets of Latin America and still has great potential for growth due to the steady increase of demand, the virtual guarantee of natural gas supply due to the exploitation of non conventional sites, the potential of the hydroelectric sector and the use of renewable energy for the generation of electricity. It is expected that the current administration will give a great impulse to the development of renewable energies, especially wind and solar energy, through the regulation of the existing regulatory framework, which includes tax benefits and financing structuring.

Allende & Brea has participated in the argentine electric power sector since its beginning, providing counsel to clients in generation, transport and distribution of electric power. We advise clients in the acquisition and financing of solar and wind renewable energy projects, development and financing of conventional power generation facilities, including nuclear energy facilities, and transmission facilities

Oil and Gas

The argentine oil and gas industry finds itself at a stage of transformation due to the discovery of the Vaca Muerta reservoir, which is considered to be the forth oil reserve of non-conventional oil (behind Russia, the United States and China)and the second reserve of non-conventional gas (only behind China), at a global level. Additionally, the federal government has approved a new regulatory framework for the exploitation of this new type of sites.

We advise clients in all the stages of the value chain of the oil and gas industry, including the exploration, production, transport and distribution of oil and gas.