Employment and Social Security

Employment and Social Security

At Allende & Brea, we work to prevent legal disputes by giving preventive advice and, where the dispute has already arisen, we work on the defense throughout all the administrative and court stages of the proceedings.

To that end, we have a highly specialized team and we consider a fluent and personalized contact with our clients to be a key factor. We are known for our ability to anticipate clients’ needs and for our creativity in providing solutions.

Allende & Brea’s services in this field include providing advice on drafting employment contracts and benefit plans, identifying labor liabilities and risks, compensation calculation and its tax treatment, dismissals and individual labor-related conflicts, collective bargaining, staff reorganization, corporate reorganization, implementation of wage policies, social-security law, expatriate regime, company acquisitions and due-diligence processes, among others.

Our team has extensive and solid experience in providing advice on and handling different kinds of disputes across the country at all stages of the proceedings. We are able to do so through a solid network of correspondents that assist us all along the litigation process in all provincial jurisdictions, thus contributing to efficiency and to a prudent management of our clients’ resources.

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