Energy and Natural Resources


With a new gas pipeline, the Government seeks to boost the ever-increasing production of Vaca Muerta.

The Government published on July 31 the call for public tender for the provision of natural gas transportation service that includes the design and construction of a pipeline connecting the Neuquina Basin with the town of Salliqueló and the Greater Buenos Aires and Litoral as provided by Decree No.465/2019. The call for bids was made through Resolution 437/2019 of the Secretariat of Energy Government, published in the Official Gazette.   

Global Affairs Newsletter No. 1

1) The effect of the G20 in the Argentinean economy and legal implications

During the G20 held in Argentina between November 30th and December1st, 2018, Argentina entered into international agreements to foster economic integration and commercial relations. The following is a summary of the main agreements:

Entry into force of the European General Data Protection Regulation

On May 25, 2018 the "General Regulation of European Data Protection" also known as "GDPR," enacted by the Parliament of the European Union on April 14, 2016, will come into force.

Public Procurement in Mercosur

In December of 2017, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay approved the Public Procurement Protocol of MERCOSUR. This Protocol shall be applied in accordance with the provisions stated therein and the specificities that each State Part made in the Annexes in relation to the scope of application of the Protocol that includes which entities, goods and services, the minimum value of the procurement, as well as the General Notes for its application.

The National Government removed all tariffs for the import of wind turbines exceeding 700 Kw of power.

Joint Resolution 4-E/2017