Insurance and Reinsurance

Nuevas modificaciones en grandes riesgos

Resolución 35.648 de la Superintendencia de Seguros.

Luego del dictado de la resolución 35.496, y tras las diversas observaciones y pedidos de aclaraciones formulados por las aseguradoras y asociaciones que las nuclean, el 3 de marzo pasado, la Superintendencia de Seguros de la Nación dictó la resolución 35.648 (en adelante “La Resolución”), derogando la anterior, y reemplazando nuevamente el apartado 26.3 del Reglamento General de la Actividad Aseguradora (ley 20.091), que establece el Régimen de “Grandes Riesgos”.

Medical Malpractice insurance in Argentina

The number of claims on the grounds of medical treatment has increased in recent years. In these situations, whether from the focus of the claimant or the health professional involved, it is important to take into account certain important aspects related to the liability of physicians and the coverage that may be taken out for such risks.

New reinsurance regulations define how to act as an admitted insurer

Registration with insurance regulator Registration with representative office Tax treatment Under recent regulations issued by the insurance regulator, in order to act as an 'admitted insurer' on an exceptional basis, foreign reinsurers must be registered with the local insurance regulator and establish either a branch or a representative office in Argentina. Insurers must also register the branch or representative office with the local corporate authorities.

The Government revokes Cablevisión´s acquisition of Multicanal and a Court challenges the decision.

The Minister of Economy and Finance ratified the decision taken by the Secretary of Domestic Trade (the “Secretary”) whereby it has decided to overturn the Cablevisión-Multicanal transaction, which received antitrust clearance in December 2007. The Minister of Economy, who intervened because of a Court decision removing the Secretary from the case, and also rejected a nullity claim filed by the parties and imposed the parties a six month deadline to unwind their businesses.  The parties have appealed the mentioned decision.

Amendments to the Consumer Protection Law affect Insurance regulations

The recent amendment to the Consumer Protection Law (CPL), enacted on March 12, 2008, entails several changes to the relationship between the insurance companies and the insured.