Project Development and Finance

Argentine Public-Private Partnership Program

Main bankability aspects of the Argentine Highways and Safe Roads Public-Private Participation (PPP) Program.

In order to partially revert the infrastructure deficit accumulated during the last 15 years, the Argentine Government has launched a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Program mainly aimed to encourage and facilitate private investment in infrastructure.

The PPP Program is divided into 4 areas, (i) Energy and Mining; (ii) Transportation, Communications and Technology; (iii) Water, Sanitation and Housing; and (iv) Health, Justice and Education. The PPP Program comprehends 60 projects for an aggregate investment of more than US$ 26,000 MM until year 2022.

Within the Transportation area, the Highways and Safe Roads PPP Program provides for the construction of 1,600 km of highways, 3,300 km of safe roads and 26 city bypasses involving an aggregate investment estimated in US$ 17 billion.