Pro Bono

In line with its values, Allende & Brea undertakes to provide free legal services that benefit less privileged people or communities and the organizations that assist them. Such services may include acting as attorneys and providing advice on issues of public interest that otherwise they would not actually receive.

Allende & Brea is a member of the Pro Bono and Public Interest Committee of the Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires. The committee is a space that calls a group of lawyers together who work for free on issues of public interest and in which Law is a tool for social and public policy change.

Allende & Brea, as a signatory of the Pro Bono Declaration for the Americas, supports its contents and thinks that people’s access to justice and legal advice are essential for democratic societies and that the resources provided by the state and non-governmental organizations are insufficient to meet the basic legal needs of less privileged, socially vulnerable or deprived people, who are often left without a solution.

The legal profession plays a privileged role in gaining access to justice and is responsible for promoting, and has the means to promote, a fair and equitable legal system as well as respect for human and Constitutional rights in cooperation with the Government, the Judiciary and Non-Governmental Organizations.