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We look for talented individuals who wish to develop their careers at Allende & Brea

Allende & Brea stands out for the excellence of the legal service that its professionals offer to clients and for the cordial and respectful treatment of its colleagues. In order to become part of Allende & Brea's team, it is essential to possess sound academic training, oral and written excellence in the English language, professional dedication, creativity and the ability to work as part of a team.

Allende & Brea promotes the incorporation of students into the firm through a consolidated system of internships. Allende & Brea has internship agreements with leading local universities, including Buenos Aires University, Austral University, Torcuato Di Tella University, Argentine Catholic University and Belgrano University. The early incorporation of students into our professional activity enriches their academic qualities and benefits their chances of development in Allende & Brea through the assimilation of legal knowledge, principles and values which constitute our lawyers’ stamp of quality.

Allende & Brea fosters specialization by offering the opportunity to pursue postgraduate courses in Argentina and abroad, especially in the United States. We also support the furtherance of our lawyers' knowledge by their incorporation into law firms in the United States, later returning to Argentina and continuing with their careers at Allende & Brea. The professional development of all lawyers at Allende & Brea depends directly on their personal merits.