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Pro Bono

By advising NGOs and collaborating in research projects on issues such as political transparency, disability and accessibility, it is our intention to collaborate in the construction of a fairer and more equitable society.


Pro Bono Partner: Diego Botana

Pro Bono Coordinator: Keila Elias


At Allende & Brea we have been providing free legal advice to non-governmental organizations in Argentina for almost 10 years with a pro bono work program that seeks to fulfill the commitments assumed in the Declaration of Pro Bono Work for the American Continent that we signed in 2008.

We understand that access to justice and legal advice are essential for democratic societies, and that state resources and those of non-governmental entities are insufficient to meet the basic legal needs of disadvantaged, socially vulnerable or marginalized people.

We are committed to using our legal skills and the talent of our professionals for the benefit of the community, and to this end we have an internal team of professionals specially dedicated to the organization, distribution and coordination of the pro bono cases that come to us.


At Allende & Brea, our commitment to pro bono work is tangible and is manifested in the dedication with which our attorneys take on cases. For us, our associates doing pro bono is not just an extra, but an integral part of our ethics and responsibility to society.

Our culture of pro bono engagement involves enthusiastically welcoming opportunities as they arise and being constantly on the lookout for cases and projects in which we can contribute our knowledge and experience. We support our lawyers in the search and development of new pro bono clients.

We take each pro bono case with the same seriousness and responsibility that we dedicate to our billable clients and, even in times of crisis in our country, our growing presence does not stop. As with the other areas of our practice, we foster an ongoing dialogue about how we can help the communities in which we live and work through pro bono.

Our growing pro bono commitment is a fundamental part of our identity. It defines, distinguishes and unites us as a team of legal professionals committed to fulfilling the calling of our profession: to serve justice and the welfare of society.

Our Pro Bono Work

The extent of our commitment is evident in our historical work, some of which is highlighted below:

We contributed to the fight against climate change through an analysis of climate change regulations in Latin America, which culminated in the creation of a regulatory framework and a report awarded in the TrustLaw Awards 2023 for its effectiveness and collaboration with other law firms.

In support of the fight against money laundering and organized crime in South America, we provided advice on intellectual property and personal data protection together with Accenture and HSBC for the report entitled “Analysis of the Legal Framework on Personal Data Protection in Argentina”.

We have supported their initiatives to address gender inequalities, reviewing bills related to menstrual poverty and ensuring their consistency with tax legislation and regulations.

We have been accompanying them for many years with legal advice in key areas such as corporate, banking, labor, administrative and litigation law to support their mission of providing containment, food, recreation and education to street children in Paso del Rey, Moreno.

We have been working together for more than 5 years, providing support in corporate, compliance, banking, labor, administrative and litigation matters to strengthen the association’s struggle to improve the quality of education and promote equal opportunities for children and young people from low socioeconomic backgrounds in rural areas of Argentina.

We collaborate with the formalization and sustainability of projects for development, humanitarian assistance, cultural initiatives and sustainable environmental proposals of the foundation whose objective is the consolidation of an educational community and ecological school for children in the town of Plottier, Province of Neuquén.

We support the scientists and educators who founded the association in their mission to promote scientific thought and education in Argentina through a wide range of legal advice on intellectual property and personal data protection.

We have accompanied the foundation since its inception, providing legal advice for the formalization and sustainability of the project that aims to prevent violence against children and adolescents, offering consultancies and workshops on personal data protection and intellectual property.

We work in partnership with Avina, a global non-profit organization, on projects aimed at generating systemic change in areas such as climate change, migrant labor rights and active citizenship.

We participate as a link between civil society and the Ibero-American Data Protection Network, providing a legal framework related to privacy and personal data management in Argentina.

We helped this non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing access to drinking water to communities throughout the country by providing legal advice on banking law issues and registration with the money laundering and terrorist financing systems in Argentina.

With more than 145 years of history, this home has provided shelter and care to children in vulnerable situations. Our engagement has encompassed areas of corporate and banking law to support its mission and ensure compliance with the legal requirements of the IGJ and the UIF.

We helped since the beginning of Tzipora to achieve its formalization as a foundation, in order to strengthen its objective of promoting Jewish education in Argentina, improving the quality of teaching and promoting cultural diffusion in the Jewish community.

It is an organization dedicated to raise awareness about the importance of being bone marrow donors to whom we help by providing legal advice to obtain their legal status in the Province of Buenos Aires, strengthening their ability to carry out their humanitarian work.

Working closely with social, academic, business and government organizations, Impacto Digital focuses on developing high-impact solutions. For our part, we advise them on corporate matters, banking and corporate structures to support their continued growth and ability to generate positive change.

This project accompanies young people who have lived in institutions of the alternative care system in their transition to an autonomous life. From Allende we accompany them with legal advice to obtain their legal status in the Province of Buenos Aires, strengthening their capacity to empower young people in their quest for independence.

We collaborate with Vergel by providing tax advice to help them structure themselves in the most beneficial way, allowing them to focus on their mission of promoting constructive dialogue between art, health and education.

Born from the need of families with members affected by Mucopolysaccharidosis, this organization seeks to support those who face this condition. We work together with them for the maintenance and strengthening of their social structures, providing them with the necessary basis to continue supporting those who need their help.

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