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The National Labor Court suspended the labor reforms introduced by Executive Order No. 70/2023

On January 3, 2024, the National Labor Court of Appeals granted the precautionary measure filed by the General Confederation of Labor of the Argentine Republic (hereinafter “CGT”, after its Spanish acronym) seeking the suspension of the effectiveness of Executive Order No. 70/2023 whilst the resolution of the judicial authority’s claim of unconstitutionality against the Executive Order is pending.

Thus, the Labor Court of Appeals has ruled to suspend the applicability of the provisions of Title IV: “LABOR” of the Executive Order, in force as from December 29th, 2023, until the writ of protection on the grounds of unconstitutionality also filed by CGT is obtained, which seeks the declaration of unconstitutionality of the Executive Order in question.

It is worth noting that Executive Order No. 70/2023 introduced several labor reforms, such as -among others- the extension of the trial period, the removal of labor fines in favor of employees, and the simplification of the registration of the employment relationship, the effects of which are currently suspended.

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