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Arbitration & Litigation

Allende & Brea has a long history, insight and experience in the litigation arena” – The Legal 500
Allende & Brea has a long history, insight and experience in the litigation arena” – The Legal 500


María Morena Del Río

Fernando Martínez Zuviría

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The Firm has lawyers specialized in alternative dispute resolution, and has counseled clients in mediation and arbitration. Some of our attorneys act as members of arbitration panels. Likewise, our professionals are authorized to act as official mediators in the jurisdiction of the City of Buenos Aires, either by appointment of a party or ex officio.

Allende & Brea is a member of the Centro Empresarial de Mediación y Arbitraje, a mediation and arbitration center established by the major law firms in Buenos Aires to meet the needs of the business community in this area. All mediation meetings are carried out in special conference rooms, which enable the dialogue between the parties and ensure the confidentiality of the proceedings.

Allende & Brea’s litigation attorneys handle a wide range of civil, commercial and administrative cases, in lower, appellate and administrative courts, at both the federal and provincial levels. We are experienced in conducting major cases which require managing multiple participants and handling large volumes of documentation. We also act in bank collections cases and insurance cases that, although not necessarily complex, require a detailed administration, given the sheer volume of work involved.

Furthermore, we have developed extensive expertise in preparing and defending federal appeals before the Supreme Court, particularly in connection with tax cases.

Family and Inheritance
Our Family Law and Succession practice is focused in advising individual clients in all their personal affairs, including family dispute resolutions, succession disputes, restructuring of family businesses, charitable trusts, probate proceedings and testamentary trusts.

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