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Pro Bono Commission Year-End Event: Recognizing Commitment and Celebrating Achievements

we had the privilege of being part of the annual event of the Pro Bono Commission of the Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires, a day that allowed us to reflect on the strong commitment shown throughout the year by the Commission and the law firms that are part of it.

We listened with admiration to the testimonies of individuals and foundations that have benefited from this solidarity network. The work of the Commission and the lawyers involved continues to be a source of inspiration for all.

It was also a space to recognize those lawyers within each firm and company who have stood out for their pro bono work. In our case, Francisca Guyot, a member of the Litigation Department, received Allende’s “Pro Bono Lawyer” Award, in recognition of her exceptional commitment and outstanding contribution to pro bono initiatives throughout the year. Francisca was part of many projects in which Allende & Brea was involved, and the representation was always exceptional.

Allende & Brea is committed to this space of collaboration and service to the community, and will continue to work for its expansion, attracting more professionals committed to this cause, so as to continue to generate impact for our profession and in society.

We also thank the Pro Bono Commission for having recognized as “Pro Bono Project 2023” the research work on “Adoption System in CABA”, a project undertaken jointly with Accenture, Beccar Varela, Bruchou & Funes de Rioja, Cerolini & Ferrari, Marval O’Farrell and Meridional Seguros.

Last year, the pro bono community awarded a prize to the Project that was the most notorious thanks to the result achieved and the involvement of several law firms and legal departments. The project, in which Allende actively participated, was an analysis of the normative and regulatory aspects that address the situation of children and adolescents in the context of adoption, and the proposal of concrete strategies and improvements. The Project was presented to the Social Council of the GCBA on November 15.

There are more and more of us who put our time and knowledge at the service of the common good, and we can make a difference to ensure a fairer society.