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Changes to the Social Security and Prepaid Medical Entities option regime

By means of Resolution No. 201/2024 (the “Resolution”), the Superintendence of Health Services established that the minimum term of stay under affiliation of a Health Insurance Entity of the Social Security system shall be of 12 months. At the end of said term, the right to choose for another option can be exercised. The 12 months term begins at the time in which the choice has been effective.

The Resolution is issued within the scope of the recent changes made to Decree No. 504/1998 by means of Decrees No. 70/2023 and 170/2024. Through Decree No. 170/2024, the President introduced the right to freedom of choice for participants of the Social Security system, under which they may choose to affiliate to a Health Insurance Entity (Obras Social) or a Prepaid Medical Entity (Empresa de Medicina Prepaga). Prior to that, by means of Decree No. 70/2023, the President had established that the enforcement authority, in this case the Superintendence of Health Services, would provide the minimum term of stay under affiliation of a Health Insurance Entity. Under this disposition, the Resolution was passed and a term of 12 month was therefore established.

The entry into force of the Resolution will be on March 1st, 2024.

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